Monday, September 13, 2010

Cheerleader Love

Ellie (on the right) and her random, adorable little friend, that can kick her leg over her head

Our dear friends the Gordy's (who happen to live down the street), have a darling little diva named Ellie, her little behind loves to shake it on the Football field cheering for those boys who happen to think they are future NFL'ers...did I mention that Ellie is like 7 years old. So tonight I picked up the girls at school, later than usual, and we booked it to Chick-Fil-A to support Ellie's Cheerleading Squad, they were doing a fundraiser and showing off their spirit fingers, so we ate it up and we clapped as Ellie did her thing. Olivia just kept saying "I want to do that" or "Momma, can I do that?" Ellie is going to teach her everything she knows. Precious! I happen to think the best part of the show tonight was all the Mom's cheering it out with their little ones, they were hilarious.

Have ya'll seen the previews for Life As We Know It with my fake husband Josh Duhamel and that hot chick Katherine Heigl? I saw the trailer eons ago and my super duper pal Molly reminded me that its coming out on October 9th. I am hoping the girls and I (and by girls, I don't mean Olivia and Avery, I mean all girls who want to join in, and for sure Insley and Molly) can get out and see it for our next Girls Night...the more the merrier. It looks like a great movie...and heck, I could stare at my main man Josh for 90 minutes even if the movie turned out to be a dud.

Dear Fall TV...I am so thankful you are back in my life, I have been lost without you. Love, your pathetic follower, Leigh

Spoiler Alert: I love that Annie and Liam smooched on 90210, but man oh man am I lost...I clearly missed the last two episodes of this show last season because I have NO IDEA what is going on. Principal Wilson lost his job, Annie told everyone about the Hit & Run and was on house arrest, Naomi was raped...I am so lost.

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