Saturday, September 11, 2010

Pike Take Two

I believe I mentioned that we signed Olivia up for swimming lessons again, and we are going to have her repeat the Pike class. This time we changed YMCA's and are now going to the Midlothian Y instead of the Manchester Y...comparing the can't even compare, I don't know why we haven't been going to the Midlo Y the entire time. The facilities are amazing and the pool is fabulous, not to mention the class schedules are so much more Turner Family Friendly...swimming lessons during the week just wasn't working for us, so Saturday Morning at 8:30am we all piled into the Honeywagon and set sail for the Midlo Y, Avery and Brad are enrolled in the Parent/Child Class, joining them are neighbors Brian and Campbell (Molly had to work on Saturday) and Olivia joined her Pike class.

Olivia was a bit timid at first, but warmed right up to her teacher and her class, I think we are going to make progress this session, the week at the Beach really helped calm her fears and it gave her some confidence, its so encouraging to see her making strides to ditch some of those fears...and by the end of the class, she was having an absolute blast.

Avery had a blast with Brad, Brian and Campbell...

But towards the end she wanted her Momma...

Sweet Avery...

We hit up Costco on the way home, thinking we would be so smart, we clipped all the new Costco Coupons that came in the mail this week and we were going to get all the wasn't until we already had 4-5 things in our cart that I realized the Coupons don't start until the 16th, so back the things went and back to Costco I will go next week. Jeesh.

When we got home it was time to make lunch, so Brad and Olivia made some yummy Pizza, using Naan for the crust, delicious (Thanks Samantha for the tip).

I love that Brad loves doing things like this with the girls, he is so great at it.

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