Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Fall Lineup

That's right folks...and I am not talking about my Offensive or Defensive Line, I am simply talking about the Fall TV Lineup. I can hardly wait. It kicks off tomorrow night, I am more than excited, I live for Fall TV and for the oldies but goodies, but also look forward to what the networks have to offer for new shows.

DISCLAIMER: If you choose to read beyond this point, be prepared to judge me, think I am a total loser and go ahead and question how in God's Name I fit all of these shows in...

So far, here is my lineup...

Monday Nights:
How I Met Your Mother - seriously, Barney is the funniest guy on TV.
Two and a Half Men - Charlie is likely the second funniest guy on TV
Gossip Girl
The Event - new show...
Chase - previews look good, but there better be some romance or I won't be loyal...
Lonestar - new show, not sure how I am going to feel about it, but I am going to give it a shot
(Is it physically possible for me to watch that many shows on a single night?)

Tuesday Nights:
One Tree Hill
Detroit 1-8-7
NCIS - Los Angeles

Wednesday Nights:
Cougar Town - love, love, love it.
Modern Family - never watched before, but I have heard WONDERFUL things.
The Whole Truth - new show
Criminal Minds - but this show is starting to freak me out, the writers give me the creeps
The Defenders

Thursday Nights:
The Office
My Generation
Grey's Anatomy
Private Practice

Friday Nights:
Outlaw - new show, love Jimmy Smitts
Body of Proof - new show
Blue Bloods - I am crossing my fingers this one makes it, it looks great.

Saturday Nights:

Sunday Nights:
CSI Miami
Brothers & Sisters
Desperate Housewives - but I don't really watch this one...

It's official...I have no life. When you put it on paper, which I do, by the way, I write the Pilot's and Premieres in my planner, it makes me look PATHETIC.

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