Saturday, September 8, 2012

Little Friends

At Unity Park

I love that my friends have little ones, and I love that our little ones love each other, I just wish that we all lived so much closer together. Olivia and Jayden (Adam and Kear's son) have hung out several times, have even spent a few days in a row together when Adam and Kear come to visit, but in general they haven't seen each other all that much in their 5 years of life, yet she adores him. She has been talking about him non-stop since we got home and just wants to know if Jayden can come and live in our house so they can be best friends forever. 

I saw a few glimpses into what teenage years could be like, our first adventure with Jayden was the park at BES and he was playing with some other kids and wasn't giving Olivia 100% of his attention, and her feelings were hurt, it was cute, and totally normal for 5 year olds, but I could just see her spinning up the drama down the line when a boy isn't giving her the attention that she wants.

The girls love seeing "Aunt Bethy's" kids too, it was so cute watching them say goodbye to each other, Austin had to bend down to hug them goodbye.  The girls wanted to spend more time with Austin and Sofia, and I hated that we couldn't just spend a day at their house hanging out, it would have been great to see them all playing together despite their age difference.

Friday Night in Northfield...just a normal pick-up game of TP Football...the girls had a great time running around in the yard with Adam and Jayden, the rest of us just sat back, dined on some yummy A-1 Pizza and enjoyed some spirits.

And who could forget this cute little man...I swear, if I could be around this little face every single day, the world would be a better place - his smile is problem solving!!

And this little girl, while adorable, is likely the one causing the problems, that little Jaxy is solving with his smile.

I just love watching the little ones make friends...and I love listening to them talk about their friends.  Olivia asked when we are going to "Armpittsburg" to visit Aunite Megs and her Baby Aiden...and we can't wait.  These two girls of mine are baby lovers, they were all over Jaxy while we were home...they couldn't get enough.

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