Friday, September 7, 2012

"American Reunion" and The 413

The four of us flew to Boston on August 29th, bright and early.  We were up and out of the house by 5:00am. Olivia was yapping before her eyes were even open and I am fairly certain she talked for a solid 90 minutes, she finally calmed down on the airplane, but the girl was wound up, she was so excited to see her YaYa.

Monkey, Lambie, Alice and Cowie made the trip too.

The girls were great on the plane - after our flight home from Disney in December I was worried that the TSA might have put Avery on some sort of list and we might not make it out of Richmond, but we breezed through security - much easier without strollers, etc.  Avery kept me busy on the plane, she went through all the packed activities, attempted to rest for a few minutes and freaked out when she had to go to the bathroom "That bathroom is SCARY"...I concur, airplane bathrooms are far from the comfort of your own home.

My Dad's Garden - Olivia wanted to make sure Birds stayed away - so my Dad made a sign - cute huh?

We landed in Boston at 7:50am and as soon as the girls saw my Parents they ran into their arms - it was one of those airport scenes that give you goosebumps - so cute. We had great weather all week, had a great time catching up with friends, and the girls had some quality time with my Parents.  My 15th Class Reunion was Saturday, a picnic midday so we could get to know each others families and then an adults only evening at a local restaurant/bar that has a DJ. 

Bench at Bernardston Elem. School at JEHH Court & Garden - so proud of Adam and so thankful to all the folks around the area who are helping see this dream come alive. (PS: BES playground area is off the chain, 413 people, take your kids there, it is a-mazing)

One of my classmates made a good point, now that we have Facebook, the mystery of a reunion is gone - we already know about each others families, have kept up with what is going on in each others lives...for the most part, but all in all it was good to see the folks that showed up.  We graduated with a class of 53 and 17 classmates came, with 17 children, so it was nice to see people I knew as classmates, become parents.  It was strange, I drove the girls through my high school campus on the way to our reunion picnic, and its just sad.  It doesn't look a thing like the school I spent 6 years at, I loved high school, I know a lot of people didn't, but I really did, and now going back, it doesn't even look like my school.

Pioneer Valley Regional...we didn't have cool flags when I was there.

Silly Girl...
I always feel like the time at home is rushed, probably because I haven't been home in 2 years, and trying to fit everything into a few days is just tough. I want to spend quality time with everyone, but it just never works out as I plan. 

Susan, Robin, "B" & Olivia ("B" was my second Mom growing up, she took care of me when my Mom went back to work until I went to high school)

"B" and Olivia - great photo!!

I am hopeful that over the next year or two some of my friends from home will be able to vacation down here and we can spend time together away from the good ol' 413.  I am always so torn at home, so many people to see, things I want the girls to see and do.

Avery having a picnic with YaYa & Olivia 

Olivia & YaYa

My Mom did a great job with the girls though, she let them play at home, she had the basement set up as an art studio for them and the girls painted until the cows came home.  She took them to the library and they got to pick out some books, she took them to the Nursery School to play, they had a great time.

Olivia with two of my favorite people on the face of this Earth - Pattie Jo & Bill.

There is just something great about waking up in your own room, the room I grew up in. Brad was in a ton of pain, and we didn't sleep all that great, but with the girls sleeping in my Mom's room we were able to sleep in a bit, which was a nice treat (Thanks Mom!!!). 

At Logan, waiting to board our plane back to RIC

I always look forward to trips back to the 413, and one of these summers we are going to vacation on the Cape, and I am going to rent a house big enough for all the 413 crew to join in.

Monkey & Lambie all strapped in for a safe flight home

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