Thursday, September 6, 2012

First Day of School 2012

It was 100% excitement here in the Turner House on Monday evening - Olivia couldn't wait to go to sleep, she even refused "book time" in favor of going to bed earlier - which is unheard of in this house. 

The First Day of School Fairy sprinkled our house with a few surprises for the Girls...I saw the idea on Pinterest and thought it was too precious to pass up, and I am pretty sure the girls thought it was "super cool", despite Avery telling everyone she go her new watch from the Tooth Fairy...

We picked out our clothes the night before, and Olivia came bounding into our room within seconds of her alarm going off (we set her new alarm clock for the first time, and set it for 6:45am) all dressed and ready to start the day. 
I planned out her lunches for the week on Monday, so I didn't really have to think about it all week, just assemble my plans in the morning.

I can't pack the sandwiches the night before, it just grosses me out thinking about the meat touching the bread for that long, so I put those together in the morning, but all the non-cold stuff was packed the night before. I also left her a cute lunch box note, but of course realized that she couldn't read - oh well, its the thought that counts.

And I should also note that Avery moved up a classroom as well, she is thrilled to be in Ms. Lorna's class.  The will repeat the 3 Year Old Curriculum this year since they moved her up so early last Fall, which is okay with us, we liked that she had the opportunity to move up, but for her she is now in a classroom with all new classmates, all of her friends moved up to the 4 year old classroom - it was also nice to realize that she held her own with kids a full year ahead of her in school. You go girl!! And we are also thrilled that Avery's teacher decided to give up her full time classroom and go back to being the floating aid, because that means Avery gets to spend time with Ms. Susan again this year - and we all love Ms. Susan.

Avery picked out her "Crocodile" dress and told everyone about it, and finished by asking everyone if they too liked crocodiles. Cute!

We dropped the girls at The Children's House so Olivia could get used to taking the bus from there, she will also get off the bus there in the afternoons. We watched Olivia and her friends get on the bus, that is when the tears started for me, actually just around the time I snapped this photo of her walking away from me holding Emily's hand I started to tear up...

and then when she never looked back my heart tugged a bit, until my head reminded me that as a Mom, it is a good thing that she faces days like this with courage.

Olivia was beyond excited about riding the bus to school - her favorite part of field trips from The Children's House was always the bus ride.
Just Funny...

We followed the bus to school, basically had to park at our house and then walked in with another Children's House Family, so they helped us find our way.  We met Olivia's teacher, who I just know we are going to love.  This is her last year teaching, I am feeling very blessed that we get to be a part of her last year teaching.  And I loved being able to see where Olivia will sit everyday, and where her days will be spent. After filling out paperwork and dropping off the supplies we said our goodbyes, and truth be told, they were quick and painless...

The girls had great day - I was bummed that I had to work a little later than expected and missed the celebratory trip to Beri Berry for Ice Cream, but also thought it was kinda cool that they got to do that with their Dad - I love Father-Daughter adventures - so I can imagine they do too. Olivia's favorite part of her day was "Art Class" and "Recess was cool too". We are so proud of our girls (if you couldn't already tell) and we are so thankful to all our family and friends who have checked on us and asked how the day went.

In her classroom

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