Monday, September 3, 2012


Coloring before we left for Graduation

We were home for about 24 hours before boarding another plane back to Boston, but those 24 hours were important ones.  Olivia graduated from The Children's House Pre-School Program, and we wouldn't have missed that milestone for the world.

Brad & His Beauties

We attempted to take some family shots before we left, but Olivia wasn't really digging it - Avery on the other hand was all about it, and we could have been there for an hour snapping shots of her beautiful mug.

Rocking a Maxi...can you believe it?

We were thankful that Brad's Parents were able to join us - they kept the girls for us while we were in Vermont for the wedding, and they brought them home on Monday.  The girls always love their time at Bina and PawPaw's house.  We realized while away that we are going to be losing the flexibility of sending the girls down to Brad's Parents - Olivia will be in real school now, and missing days just isn't an option.

Three Generations...

The Graduation took place at the church right near our house - and primarily consisted of the graduates singing songs - they were adorable.

I love watching the little ones perform - they belt it out like its going out of style - I am already looking forward to the Christmas Program.

Trying to get a photo of the girls these days is a bit tough - usually Avery is more than willing to comply, and Olivia tends to be the non-smiler, but this one captured the challenges pretty well.

Avery doing her thing...

We also learned that Olivia will be in Mrs. G's class this Fall - she is excited - two of her pre-school girlfriends will be in her class as well.  The plan is for her to take the bus to school from The Children's House and to take the bus back to The Children's House in the afternoon - so we aren't saying goodbye to TCH, but we did have to say goodbye to Ms. Leslie and that was a tough one - Olivia loves Ms. Leslie and we know Olivia is going to miss her something fierce.  We can only hope that Avery has her next Fall...this Fall Avery is moving into Ms. Lorna's classroom, and we are all thrilled about that.  Cheers to closing this chapter and the beginning of a new one.

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