Friday, September 14, 2012

Five on Friday: Fall TV

It is that time again, time to kick up your feet after the kiddos go to bed and lose yourself in Fall TV shows.  The always anticipated Summer TV rut wasn't nearly as bad this year as in years past, so I am not as excited about the Fall TV premieres as I usually am, but don't get me wrong, I am one excited-TV-loving gal.

I am still very much looking forward to some returning shows, but I am also going to give a few new ones a try, such as Chicago Fire, can't wait for that one. 

Leigh's Five Favorites
1) Private Practice - I just love this show, I actually like it heads and tails more than I like Grey's Anatomy, and honestly Grey's is still up there for me, and likely will be found somewhere in this top five and if not, easily in the top 10. And if memory serves me correctly, Addison and Jake made out towards the end of the season, so I can't wait to see what happens with that.  But this is likely the final season, I can't imagine the show without Addison and I hear this is her last season.

2) The Good Wife - one of my absolute favorites, and my co-worker pointed out, the fashion sense in this show is super classy - not flashy.  I am dying to see what happens with Will, this show has the potential to flop if they get rid of all the romance...let's hope they don't do that, because I would hate to say goodbye to this one.

3) Hart of Dixie - this is a new one for me, and one that doesn't really knock my intellectual socks off, but entertains me.  I am a huge Rachel Bilson fan, not sure why, because I don't think she is a fantastic actress, I just seem to like her.  And the new season is getting ready to kick off with a love triangle, so that of course keeps me interested, George Tucker or Wade...that is the question?  This beauty is on The CW.

4) Parenthood - this is just good quality, down home television.  I rarely make it through the 60 minute episode without a tear, the first episode this season ended and I was a blubbering mess thinking about Olivia starting Kindergarten and seeing her going off to college like Haddie. I love the dynamic of the large Braverman family, I just love stories about large families, they intrigue me, likely because I am an only child.

5)  Blue Bloods - Tom Selleck is the bees knees, I adore that man and his character in this show is a perfect fit for him. Love this show - also love the family dynamic here, and how close the family is.

Brad's Five Favorites That I Watch
(If he was choosing his all time five, and didn't care whether I liked them or not, the list would be different and would include things like "Combat Pawn" and "Sons of Guns" or something like that)

1) Strike Back - series on Cinemax - and we just started watching it, but its addicting, picture special forces fighting terrorism

2) NCIS & NCIS Los Angeles - between Gibbs, Hanna and Callen, these boys just can't be beat - we both adore these shows and I love that they are back to back on Tuesday Nights.

3) Homeland - on Showtime - with Claire Danes - great series and we are still catching up on Season 1, but can't wait for Season 2 to start in a few weeks.

4) Castle - we absolutely love Richard Castle - and Castle and Beckett are a fantastic couple and I can't wait to see what happens with their relationship this season.

5) Scandal - we are both chomping at the bit for this one to come back, me more so than Brad, but he likes it too. I love the secrecy and drama associated with all the characters in this one, they all have back stories that keep you wondering.

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