Friday, September 7, 2012

Five on Friday: Fall Finds

The Lands End catalog arrived yesterday and I am a HUGE Lands End fan, some might think Lands End is a bit dorky, but I happen to think its a perfect blend of classic, preppy and fresh. Not to mention it fits me well and their overstock deals are out of this world.

The new catalog is all about the 10 pieces you need for Fall, but for me, to keep with the Five on Friday Theme, I thought it would be appropriate to pick the Five I am most excited about.

1) Georgette Ruffle Dress - $90 - how cute is this beauty? The price is a bit steep for me considering dresses can only be worn every so often, but I do dig it and plan to keep my eyes on it, the price will drop eventually, right? I would likely order the redish color and throw a cardigan over it - perfect work outfit, right?

2) Milano Rib Knit Blazer - $95 - again a bit steep in the price department, and not certain this is the blazer for me, but I am fairly certain that I do want to add a blazer to my Fall wardrobe. I am thinking that I might want a camel color, but I haven't given it a ton of thought, maybe a navy would work too, but I can't imagine wearing a navy blazer with jeans? Too much matchy-matchy going on for me.

3) Stretch Slim Cords - $50 - best part of these puppies is the ankle length, I absolutely love the ankle length - I think ankle length is perfect to wear with flats, at least for me.  I have a cute pair of the mustard color already, but not in ankle length, so we shall see what colors I consider in these beauties. The midnight tulip is calling my name, which is the light purple color. Cute, huh?

4) Luxe Wool Swing Car Coat - $220 - for the last two years I have lusted after a green wool coat, and I also have loved some light blue ones I have seen, and this beauty happens to come in both - what is a girl to do? I can't possibly rationalize both colors, can I? Of course not, but they are both beautiful!!

5) Vivian Venetian Flats - $95 - Animal Print Flats - Yes Please.  I am not crazy about the top cut of these beauties, and likely won't be procuring them, but Animal Print Flats are on my list of things I am crushing on these days - so if you find a cute pair that is a bit more polished/refined than these beauties, send the link my way. And I just checked, if I ordered these now (which I wasn't planning on), they wouldn't ship until the day after Christmas - are you kidding me? Good grief!! I guess the whole "Seen in Real Simple" stamp of approval goes a long ways!!

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