Saturday, May 29, 2010

Happy 5 Year Anniversary to Us

That's right folks, Brad and I were married 5 years ago today and what have we done to celebrate you ask? Well, I would be happy to tell you all about the romantic, wonderful, quality time we have spent together, starting at 4:30am when we took sick, sweet, snot-face Avery to the Emergency Room at Putnam General Hosptial in good ol' Eatonton, Georgia, followed up by a high-class dining experience at McDonald's on the way home at 7am, and it doesn't stop there folks, we joined the rest of our family (thats right, its our Family Reunion Weekend at Reynolds Plantation here in Peachy-Keen Georgia) at The Lake Club only to watch my Uncle Dick go diving into the pool after Priya (she is 3 and fell in), and then we topped it all off with another scrumptious meal at McDonald's for a quick lunch before Brad and my Dad headed out for a cool 18 holes of golf, while my Mom and I manned the children, and my manned the children I mean MADE them take naps because they are both running on fumes.

Poor Avery tried to go down last night around 8:45pm, but ended up screaming until about 10pm, don't worry we didn't leave her in her crib, we tried to console her, but it was useless, she just screamed bloody murder. She slept from about 10-2, then woke up screaming again...we finally headed towards Putnam General around 4:30am.  After some blood work, a few tests (strep, RSV and the Flu) we were on our way home with a Rx for Steroids...awesome, some drugs that make my kid aggressive and angry, just what a mother wants while on vacation!

We arrived in Eatonton around 2pm yesterday after leaving Richmond around 3pm on Thursday, we stayed the night in Charlotte on Thursday and headed out around 9am, so it was a long day of car travel, filled with snots, coughing and naps...oh wait, just kidding on the naps part, no naps were had by the darling Turner Ladies.

It is great to see the whole family, but like I was telling my Mom, its so different having a 15 month old vs. a 3 year old. My two girls are the youngest, and the other kiddos are 3 (Mallory, Jason and Priya) and almost 6 (Matthew), and I honestly don't think I have had a full blown conversation with a single person since arriving yesterday, I am either chasing my children around (mostly Avery, Olivia has been great), or fighting with that pesky parasite that apparently decided to appear again just in time for the family photo session yesterday and dinner last night, so I was pretty miserable most of the afternoon and evening and barely had enough energy to follow my children around let alone try and multi-task and hold a conversation.

More to come later, just wanted to give a quick update. Oh yeah, and to my darling husband, Happy 5 Years of Marital Bliss...I adore you!

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