Monday, May 10, 2010

Hola Managua

I am off, to Managua, Nicaragua tomorrow morning on a 7am flight. We fly from Richmond to Atlanta, then Atlanta to Guatamala City, and then from Guatamala City to Managua, and we land at 3:11pm, local time, so that would be 5:11pm est. I will be back on Friday around 5pm. I am feeling a bit frazzled having been out of town the week before last for a few days and having had a very busy weekend, I haven't had a chance to reground myself and get back into the swing of things. I have been far less than the Mom I would like to be for Olivia, losing my patience with her every hour on the hour, however tonight is an expection, we had a great night together and as I type she is upstairs singing at the top of her lungs, and that great night we had is going to go down the tubes if that little Madonna upstairs wakes up that sleeping beauty in the room next to her....Olivia's middle name will be mud, no longer Merritt.

Brad's Mom, aka the girls Bina is going to come up and spend a day or two with Brad and the girls. Brad is a very lucky guy to have such a supportive Mom who is willing to drop everything and help out when I have to travel the globe to bring home the bacon.

I will fill you in on my travels when I return, I am hoping to get a few good photo's, but they are calling for storms and 100 degree days for the rest of the week, not ideal touring conditions if you ask me.

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