Monday, May 17, 2010

Safe and Sound

I am back, safe and sound, and oddly enough the trip was very uneventuful, outside of Jeff almost being eaten by a Tiger...long, but funny story. Note to self, Tiger's are not big fans of camera flashes!

Our Corporate Security Office at work gave us a travel briefing about staying safe in Managua and how dangerous the area can be, which begs one to ask "Why in God's Name do we have business there if its so dangerous". Based on my 4 day experience I didn't see any of the danger they speak of, but our trusty driver and host Javier kept us safe, we would point to a Casino and ask "S'Okay Javier?" and he would just say "No, No, No" and shake his head. So I am guessing we could have seen danger had it not been for Javier, who by the way, I wanted to pack up in my pocket and smuggle him home with me. I could just picture it now "Olivia, Avery, meet Uncle Javier"...he was adorable and so sweet...and very prompt, always on-time.

We had some delicious food while there, I think I might have had Filet for the first 3 meals...and then I think I got a small dose of Food Poisioning at TGI Friday's. I can't be certain, but after eating there I thought I was going to die and its been lingering every since and that was Thursday Night.

On our way to Managua, we had a small layover in Guatamala City, Guatamala, word to the wise, if its on your list of places to see, you might want to re-consider.  I know, I know, that might be a tad premature, all I saw was the airport and the surrounding area, but lets just say it isn't in the running for any wonder of the world. Ick.

It looks like my team is going to be traveling quite a bit in June, but with my personal travel schedule being so busy on the weekends it looks like I will get out of most of the trips since they usually extend into the weekend hours.

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