Monday, May 10, 2010

The Strawberry Patch - Mother's Day Style

(Brad and Avery just after we got off the Hay Ride that brought us out to the fields)

(Olivia ready to help)

(Olivia actually helping...take note of this, I don't think I EVER helped my Mom, I just complained the whole time, ate Strawberries and ruined my shoes)

(Notice Avery helping herself)

(This sure is yummy Mommy, so yummy, I need to double fist)

(Let me help myself to another)

(Not a flattering picture, but this one is for my Mom to prove that people can change, I actually helped this time)

(Kid on the loose)

(Now how are we going to cover up the fact that she was eating on the job?)

(Someone was showing off on the Hay Ride back to the farm)


(Avery wanted so badly to get in the Bouncy House with Olivia)

(Cute Monkey)

(Not so cute anymore, considering she stole my delicious Strawberry Shake)

(Brad and his Strawberry Shortcake and Olivia with her Ice Cream cone)

(Avery trying to help Brad empty the dishwasher)

And after a lovely Mother's Day with my family, there is nothing I would rather be doing than cleaning up the house after our two little hurricanes finish wrecking havoc. Does anyone else's house look like this EVERY SINGLE NIGHT after their children go to bed? I mean seriously, all the pillows are off the couch, its a disaster area.

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Jeni said...

I absolutely ADORE all the photos from your Mother's Day. Especially the one of Avery caught red-handed in the patch. I'm glad you had a terrific one!!!