Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day at The Boathouse

Brad and the girls planned a perfect Mother's Day for me, starting with Brunch at The Boathouse, too bad the wind was so strong it could have carried Avery away, sitting outside on the water is one of my favorite places to dine in Richmond. Before being seated we fed the ducks and geese, man are those things friendly, they basically came right up onshore and sat in Brad's lap...have I ever mentioned that I hate birds? Oh and I did forget to mention that I may have found a few favorite drink...a Raspberry Bellini (sp?) - delicious.

(Brad and Olivia feeding the ducks and geese)

(Clearly someone was enjoying herself)

(Even I got in on some of the action)

(Not a great photo by anymeans, but we have so few of the girls and I, I just had to post it)

(Look at that handsome Husband of the Year)

(You can dress her up, but you can't expect her to act like a 3 years old too soon for Miss Manners school?)

(But boy oh boy, she sure is a pretty girl)

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Megs said...

I think the picture of you and the girls happens to be precious.