Friday, May 21, 2010

Answer to my prayers....

Could a parasite be an answer to my prayers, a way of God telling me, "I will cut you a break, that whole diet and exercise thing is too much for you right now, you don't have a lot of time in your schedule right now to shop for healthy food, prepare that healthy food or work out, so why don't I just deliver a parasite to your abdomen and help you lose weight by having you spend a solid portion of your day in the bathroom"

I probably shouldn't be joking about it, but I honestly don't think I have a parasite, but that stomach issue I commented on over the weekend is still with me and going on a solid week of ickiness. Brad thinks I need to see a Doctor...I am generally the first one to sign myself up for a visit to the good ol' Doc, but I just don't feel like this stomach issue warrants a visit to our lovely campus Health Center, but if I am still dealing with this on Monday, my favorite medical professionals and I will be having a little tete-a-tete.

A few comments about my favorite TV shows that are closing out their seasons over the next few weeks:
Grey's Anatomy - haven't watched the finale yet, no spoilers please....
Private Practice - love, love, loved the ending, despite the Dell storyline, I love that Addison and Sam finally got together, I have been waiting for that ALL season long.
Castle - I am starting to get annoyed at the lack of Castle and Becket and the fact that it looks like they are "breaking up" and no longer going to be working together
The Good Wife - if Alicia and Will don't make out I don't know what I am going to do
Mercy - I kinda want Dawson and Chloe to get together despite the fact that she is dating the jock and he is a complete jerk, and yes, I know his name isn't Dawson, its Briggs, and of course I want Sonia and Nick to get back together and Veronica and Sands need to just get the show on the road, enough of this on and off stuff.
One Tree Hill - I love Quinn and Clay together, but seriously, that crazy Katie girl just shot them, and Haylie is pregnant, which is exciting, I was waiting for that to happen, and of course Julian and Brook are engaged, which is FABULOUS news, I think they are an adorable couple despite the fact that she always sounds like she is losing her voice and he needs a haircut
Gossip Girl - what was Chuck thinking sleeping with Jenny Humphrey? Good Grief Chuck, what an idiot he was, he and Blair were perfect for each other. Her best line of all time "Motherchucker" - LOL. So clever. AND what were Dan and Serena thinking smooching? They are both dating other people...who am I trying to fool, I love that they gave each other a little peck, but Nate, poor Nate...what is Nate going to do without Serena.
Brother & Sisters - I am 3 episodes behind and can't comment, but I have heard the Season Finale is a real doozie, so I can't wait to catch up
Desperate Housewives - I haven't really paid much attention to it this season, but I did catch the Finale on Sunday and boy oh boy was it a good one.

I am "liking" Friday Night Lights so far, but I hate to say it, I am NOT madly in love with it like I have been during previous seasons, I don't know what is wrong with it or me, but I think it will get better now that Riggins is going to help out Coach Taylor. Army Wives is holding my interest, its a great summer option. The Bachelorette is starting next week, and I have to admit, I am excited to see what they give Aly to choose from.

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The B's said...

Hope you are feeling much better....
Also, for One tree hill-- I was shocked when it ended that way. I mean, mouth hanging open. That girl is crazy. They were my 2 favs on the show now!