Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Dear Zackary

Saturday we joined our neighbors in a celebration of Zack's 4th year of life, Olivia's best friend/boy friend had his Birthday Party at a local park, and just a small note, it was hot as all get out on Saturday, so God Bless the fact that Insley got there early and snagged the little covered pavillion. I was not prepared however for the girls to spend the majority of their day in the "beach" aka The Sand Box. Had I known that I might have opted for no sunscreen, because as a Mom of two small children I know, sunscreen and the "beach" aka sand, don't go over so well in the whole clean up department. But I opted to protect my children from those harmful UV/UB rays and inturn felt the wrath of the sand - ICK.

(Oddly enough, she spent most of the time sitting in the sand, yet the two pictures I am choosing to share has her standing up)

(The Birthday Boy)

Zack had a John Deere themed Birthday Party. The boy is CRAZY about tractors, his favorite colors are green and yellow and that is just the beginning. The cakes Insley had made were adorable, too bad I was a bad friend and didn't snap a shot or two of those gems.

(And who is this beauty....Sweet Baby Campbell of course)

(LaLa enjoying her cake)

Next up is Juliette's Birthday in mid-June and then its time for Olivia's Big Day. We are still debating whether to invite her entire class, its one of those all or nothing things, and her class is 16 people, and adding those to the mix would make for a big party kid-wise, which would mean lots of favor bags, etc. Also, the parties we have been to of her classmates have been hosted outside of their parents home, so I feel a bit strange about inviting all these strangers to my house. Is that odd? Meaning, should I not be feeling that way? Is it normal? I don't know, this is my first party where I wouldn't know the guests. You guys tell me.

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Jeni said...

No, I agree. I would feel odd about inviting complete strangers into my home. I don't think it's weird at all for you to feel that way.