Saturday, May 19, 2012

"I am a Kid in America"

Olivia's Art Work

The beauties Preschool puts on a few shows a year, and in the spring it is a Music & Art Show, and every year is a different theme - this year it was America - and it was so stinkin' cute I can hardly stand the cuteness.

Avery's Art Work

What a beauty!

They practice for weeks, similar to how they prepare for the annual Christmas Show - and they do an amazing job. I can't imagine trying to get all these tots to follow hand movements while learning several new songs - it is impressive, and the girls just rave about Music Miss Debbie - who is the woman that comes to the school and helps put it all together - they love her.

Do you think someone told her to smile? Perma-Smile

The Four Year Old classes all dressed in costumes - precious - our little Betsy Ross

They sang several songs, ranging from Yankee Doodle Went to Town, to Take Me Out To The Ball Game, and a cute little song about Peanut Butter & Jelly - they were adorable. And nothing is cuter than listening to 60 3-5 year olds scream song lyrics at the top of their lungs - I cherish these moments.

The four/five year old classes gave us a history lesson with some interesting facts about our country and historical figures who helped define who we are today.  Some of the kiddos had long lines, some didn't have any, but Olivia's was simple and she nailed it, she just got up to the microphone and said "Betsy Ross made the first flag" - a proud Momma moment for sure.

Just before her big moment...

And we brought the beauties flowers to celebrate all their hard work and reward them for such a great performance. They were so excited, thought the flowers were special and they asked for me to put them in their bedrooms, makes the second floor of our house smell glorious.

I wish we would have gotten a family photo, but the best we could do with Avery's attitude and tiredness was this photo, and this took some serious coaxing (read: If you don't get in a photo with your sister, no dessert for you) 

It was a great show, but holy smokes, the meltdown that took place after we told them it was time to leave, was a doozie.  We had a school-family cookout, we all brought a few dishes to share and they provided hot dogs, etc and then all the kiddos played - well it was getting late and we needed to get home, but several of their friends were still there playing so we quickly turned from the supportive parents who cheered louder than anyone and brought flowers to show our love to the meanest adults on the planet - funny how that works huh?

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Theresa said...

What a perfect way to end the week! Well, minus the meltdown :) Kids performing is perhaps the single best entertainment on the whole planet. I wish our school did performances.. Great job girls!