Friday, May 11, 2012

Book Report: Bloom

Oh boy, a tear jerker for sure, one I wouldn't recommend you read on a business trip, while on an airplane, sitting next to a complete stranger, especially when you have new mascara on, checked your bag and don't have your travel make up remover stowed carefully under the seat in front of you...but one that I would recommend you pick up and read while snuggled into your bed.

Bloom by Kelle Hampton - amazing price for such a beautiful book.

I loved this book.  I loved the format.  I loved that it felt more like a magazine or a yearbook than a novel.  I loved seeing her emotions while I experienced them through her written words. And I genuinely enjoyed reading about Nella's first year of life, the joy and the sorrow that Kelle experienced was raw and personal.  I am a big fan of true stories these days. There were a few themes that really resonated with me as I was reading this book.

1) Friendships are no joke - having girlfriends around makes everything better, and hands down even if its only a little better, its going to be more fun.  I miss having a huge circle of girlfriends.  I can't imagine having 28 close girlfriends.  I often find myself reading blogs of these sweet southern, stay at home Mom's who have a HUGE network of close girlfriends and wonder, how do they know so many girls in their home town that are just like them? Heck, a lot of them even look alike. And they all seem to have kids about the same age.  The one thing I did notice about Kelle's group of girlfriends is that the population is a bit diverse, it spans a wise neighbor, to a blogger from Montana, to her always there BFF's, who held out the "Net" on the day Nella was born - she has a lot of great friendships, that she appears to cultivate well - that is impressive and to be admired.  I love my friends so very much, I hope they know that, whether near or far, I've got nothing but love for them!

2) Perspective is Powerful - it can be a game changer - a simple comment from a stranger, a kind gesture from a casual acquaintance, or a moving "I have a dream speech" from a sister who flew in to save the day, gaining perspective, even if its only for a moment is powerful and it is life changing. I need a perspective angel to just rest on my shoulder, travel with me wherever I go and be that constant reminder of "It could be worse" or "You don't know how good you've got it" or even the simple "Don't sweat the small stuff".

I still haven't checked out Kelle's Blog, Enjoying The Small Things, I plan to one of these days, but my blog reading moments have been few and far between, heck, my blogging moments are almost non-existent these days, I am scared to find another one I will want to follow and scared I won't have the time and will fall behind.

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