Friday, May 18, 2012

Five on Friday: Maxis I want to Love

I am having a hard time with the Maxi Fad (not to be confused with the Maxi Pad) - I haven't been able to embrace it, and I frankly feel like a complete slob while trying them on, they just look dreadful on me, yet I find myself loving them on everyone else - go figure.

So today I am going to dedicate the Five on Friday to Maxi Dresses that I want to love, in fact I love them on the models, but good gravy, they look like garbage on this girl.

1) Speed Demon Maxi - The Blue Door Boutique - $45 - I absolutely love The Blue Door Boutique - I follow them on Facebook and I think their outfits are just A-dorable. This is a great color too, one that you can rock with black shoes, nude shoes and the versatility.

2) The Blue Door Maxi - The Blue Door Boutique - $44 - another good one from The Blue Door Boutique - I am seriously thinking about biting the bullet and ordering one of these beauties, but now the big debate is, what color? I am leaning towards Navy? Thoughts?

3) Chevron Maxi  - The Gap - $74.95 - this one is adorable, I am a huge chevron print fan - I don't think this dress would be all that flattering on me, these days its tough to find a flattering style and this chevron print is a recipe for disaster, can you just imagine those lines sitting on my lovely lady lumps? aka my hips!

4) Rosso from Shabby Apple - $78 - I am not sure where I would rock this one, but I think its beautiful - its a bit flowy and I imagine that I would wear Maxi's on a more casual scale, but maybe not, maybe this would work.

5) Merona - Ruffle Front Maxi - $32.99 - this one has the same ruffle thing going on - this one you can procure at my favorite place on Earth....TARGET.  Target actually has several dresses on their website right now that I would love to own - many of which are Maxi's, which is surprising.  I find myself liking the colorblock styles, but can't really wrap my head around some of the crazy prints - I am just not a crazy prints type of girl, I really admire people that can rock them, I love them, but they just don't suit me.

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