Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Like, Love it, Want Some More Of It

Nook Color: So far I have downloaded Another Piece of My Heart by Jane Green and I love it. I love reading on the Nook, I can't wait to find my next book. I just need to balance how many actual books I still have on the shelf that I haven't read yet, make sure I am reading those so I can clean out the clutter, before I spend a small fortune on Nook Books.

I am a bit surprised by the prices of some of the books - some of the children's books are $19, that seems a bit steep considering we already own the book and didn't pay that price for it when we bought it the first time around.  And it irks me that you can't lend all books, if I had procured the actual book, I would have the ability to lend it to whomever I want, and with Nook Books, that isn't the case. I am very excited about traveling with the Nook though. Brad and I have an Anniversary trip planned for later this month and I am already excited about bringing the Nook along, instead of 4-5 books, which weigh a ton.

Exercise: Molly and I ventured out on a walk last night while the men bathed our children and got them ready for bed.  It was wonderful.  Riley joined us, and he almost had a stroke, I realized the poor pup hasn't had much exercise lately and he was a nervous wreck, all the barking dogs and children chasing him probably has his BP in the danger zone, the poor guy has some serious social anxiety issues.  But it was great to get some exercise and just chat with a great friend, we covered topics ranging from our favorite TV shows end, to homes that have crazy big mailboxes and what it would sound like if someone blew it up (not that we are planning it, but there have been some mailbox issues lately in a few neighbors around us).

I planned on walking early this morning since Brad was home, but I ended up in bed with Avery around 5am and wasn't in my room for my alarm to wake me up so I guess it will be another evening walk for me tonight.  I hope Riley brings his big boy pants this time around...what a wimp!

Cilantro Lime Marinated Shrimp: we have been buying this pre-marinated shrimp from Costco for about a year now, we've probably had it 6-8 times and we absolutely love it, but so far we have only used it to make Shrimp Tacos, and now I am in search of some other recipes that will turn its goodness into a new an improved entree.  I can't get enough shrimp, it is great for you too from a nutritional perspective, no fat, low calories, right up my alley.

Clean Babies: tots right out of the bath, nothing better, smelling the beauties just out of the bath when they are snuggled up in their P-Jamma-Jams makes me happy.  I do have to say though, that the Johnson Naturals Bath Wash is a dud - its a foam and comes out of a pump and it doesn't lather to save its life, so you have to use about 71 pumps to wash one of Avery's arms, drives me batty.

Funny Things the Girls Say: I love listening to the girls have conversations with each other. For fun sometimes I ask them a "starter question" and see where they take it.  The other day in the car I asked if they liked Baby Sam's name, and this is where it went:
Olivia: If I have an extra sister (not another, but an extra) I am going to name her Sally Turner
Avery: I would name my extra sister Pocahontas
Olivia: If I had a brother I would name him Jayden
Avery: I would name him Cherry
Olivia: He would NOT like that name Avery

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