Saturday, May 12, 2012

Finally....VV in Richmond.

I am crazy in love with both Vineyard Vines and this sweet beauty! What a perfect morning we had!! (this took place last weekend not today, I am just a slacker and failed to upload the photos until today)

She brought her own purse, filled to the top with about 418 snacks

Olivia was invited to a Birthday Party so Avery and I went on adventure of our own, we returned a dress at the Gap that I would have married had it not looked god awful on me and then we made our way to the just-opened-on-Thursday Vineyard Vines Store at Stony Point. 

The store is just glorious. I would live in that store if I could. The bead board and the navy walls, be still my beating heart, I adored it.  And the best part about it....the staff, they were amazing.  They thought that Avery was just the cutest thing, and adored the fact that she was wearing a VV shirt (she actually dressed herself, I had nothing to do with it)

After picking up a few goodies at Vineyard Vine we made our way towards the fountains,but not without a stop at the "money fountain".  Avery and Olivia both love to throw money into this fountain, we tell them to make wishes when they toss their pennies, Avery would have dumped my entire wallet in there had I let her.  Next stop was the splash pad area - it was about 85, so she was loving it!!!  We then enjoyed lunch at Panera.  We had a great morning together, I cherish moments like these, I love being able to spend one on one time with my beauties.

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