Saturday, May 12, 2012

Five on Friday: Mother's Day Edition

I hope that my Mom knows just how much I appreciate her, and how thankful I am that she was chosen to be my Mom, but of course it never hurts to shout it from the rooftops (or blog about it). So in honor of Mother's Day I thought I would share the top five things I love and appreciate about my Mom.

1) She cracks herself up - I learned one of the greatest and most valuable skills from my mother, the ability to laugh at yourself. I love to laugh, and I happen to spend a lot of time laughing at myself.  If you know my mother you can hear her laugh from miles away, she has what I like to call a signature laugh, one that my high school friends still imitate to this day (and we are approaching my 15 year reunion). Along the same lines, you can likely find her in the aisle at Rite Aid perusing the greeting cards, all while cracking up to the point where the "pee my pants laughing" phrase becomes a reality.

Check out my legs - holy toledo!

2) She is the best YaYa I know - this lady was put on this Earth to be a Grandma. She adores my beauties and the feeling is mutual. She really shines as a YaYa!

3) She is easy to talk to - and she always has been.  I remember several times in high school my girlfriends sitting around talking to my Mom about things they wouldn't even share with their own Mom's, my Mom was THAT Mom, the one you could talk about anything with.  She seems to think she gets if from her Mom, that she was able to talk to her Mom about everything, yet she often comments that she would have never talked to her Mother about the things I talk to her about, I wonder if that is the change in times, or if I am just have a big yapper, likely a little of both.

High School

4) She is thoughtful - she still sends Brad and I an anniversary card every single month - and the gal throws in a package of stamps too - she knows I still love to send thank you notes and she knows its nearly impossible for me to get to the post office during the week so she runs that errand for me and just throws them in the mail - God love her.

November 2002 - My Cousin Kevin's Wedding

5) She is generous - not only with her possessions and money, but most importantly with her time.  Whenever we need her, she is here, when its been a week from you know where, the girls and I are all sick and Brad is traveling, she is on a plane the next day. You can't ask for more than that. She is there when you need her - I sure hope my girls say the same about me over the next 30 years.

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