Friday, May 4, 2012

Five on Friday: Ice Cream Flavors

Ice cream...I can't get enough. I could eat Ice Cream every single day.  And when I say every single day, I actually mean multiple times a day. I love it. I wish I could say "I haven't met an ice cream flavor that I didn't love", but just the other day while at Sweet Spoon I saw a machine dispensing Maple Bacon flavored ice cream - talk about WOOF - double woof.

We love to make ice cream during the summer, and we can't wait to fire up the ice cream maker, hopefully soon, maybe after we go strawberry picking.

Picking my five favorite flavors is tough...I could probably list a solid 10 that I would gladly eat multiple times a week.

1) Ben & Jerry's - Mint Chocolate Cookie - perfect blend of refreshing mint and yummy Oreo cookies and sometimes, just sometimes you get a few full size cookies, they don't mess around with just crumbs.

2) Bruster's Cake Batter - but I am not declaring Brusters the best Cake Batter it just so happens to the place in which I enjoy it the most frequently from - public service announcement - if you are going to order a single scoop on a cone at Bruster's you might as well just order a pint to take home, the pint is only .90 more.  And I love to put rainbow sprinkles on my cake batter ice cream, in fact you end up thinking to yourself "Leigh, would you like some ice cream with those sprinkles" I have a heavy sprinkle pouring hand!!!

3) Kline's Dairy Bar - I haven't been to Kline's in years, but when I was at JMU I loved Klines. I would stalk the Breeze (our college newspaper) to find out what the flavor of the week was, and I would plan my week around how many visits to Kline's I could fit it - it is custard and I love custard, but Brad doesn't, so we rarely get to enjoy in custard when Ice Cream is an option. My favorite flavor at Klines was always just good ol' Chocolate Peanut Butter - it was to die for, but their fruit flavors like Peach are the bomb as well.  I am beyond jealous of my friend Dana who gets to visit Kline's all the time!!

4) Friendly's Butter Crunch - with chocolate sprinkles, or in a sundae with hot fudge - oh my mouth is watering, I love me some Butter Crunch, but those candies get stuck in your teeth like its nobodies business.

5) Bev's Espresso Oreo - we rarely make it into Cary Town for ice cream, but Espresso Oreo from Bev's is make you want to do the Rudy Huxtable touchdown dance good. Bev's also does a great job of throwing in a few full size cookies - yummy.  And the espresso flavor is JUST right.

I could probably eat any flavor paired with an Oreo Cookie, except of course if it was Maple Bacon Oreo - WOOF.

The girls love Sweet Frog, and Brad is a big fan of Sweet Frog as well.  The girls used to love Brusters because they got sprinkles and eye balls on their free baby cones, but Sweet Frog us upstages those sprinkles and eye balls, Avery goes for the gummy worms and Olivia loads up her bowl with a wide variety of candy - sprinkles and eye balls are old news - this is just the beginning, soon the Target shoes I buy for them won't be good enough...ick.

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