Saturday, April 17, 2010

Good Luck Daddy

Brad left bright and early Friday morning with his racing buddy Scott for a weekend of racing and Leesburg. Its a 12 hour race...yes, 12 hours, that wasn't a typo. I can't even imagine riding my bike for 3 hours let alone 4 times that. Good Grief. So its just me and the girls...and of course YaYa and GaGa who are still here for a few more days.

Yesterday I checked out of work on the early side so that I could swing by UKROPS and actually grocery shop for the second time in two months, pathetic I know, but I honestly can't find the time, what is this world coming to when you can't allocate an hour of time to procuring the nourishment that keeps your kids healthy? Shame on me. I snagged some grub for me and the kiddos, snagged the kiddos from school on the early side and off to YaYa and GaGa's we went.  My mom offered to keep Avery over night and I quickly took her up on that offer, these 5:30am wake up calls are for the birds...took bad the bugger woke YaYa up at 5am this morning, I was hoping since it was a weekend she would "sleep in", not so much.

Olivia and I had fun just the two of us last night and this morning and then it was off to YaYa's to pick up Avery before we headed off to Isaac's 3rd Birthday Party (his Mom is my friend Courtney, who is pregnant with her second little boy and happens to look super cute pregnant). Olivia had a blast. Isaac's Grandparents bought him a Bouncy House for his Birthday, so that was the #1 attraction, too bad some kid checked Olivia out one of the door, she met the ground with a quickness, but after a small fit got back up and went right back in for some more bouncing. The girls had fun and I met this super nice Mom who happened to have a box of 4T clothes in her car she was going to take to Goodwill (her daughter is 5 and no longer wears them), so she gave them to us, how sweet is that?

Avery fell asleep on the way home which squashed my dreams of her taking a nice long nap this afternoon, as I type she is wrecking havoc and chowing down on some "Baby" Goldfish. The little brown baby that she is got some more color today at the party, this Mom of the Year totally spaced on the sunscreen and about 90 minutes into the party asked to borrow some from the host...whoopsie daisy. As for Olivia....that mayo baby could use some color - HA.

I commenced our Disney Trip planning yesterday, BUT was quickly shot down by the fact that Disney doesn't release their 2011 pricing until August, so while we are going to continue to fine tune our plans, we won't be able to put anything on the calendar until later this year. Our plan is to go late 2011, either November or maybe even December if the rates are discounted.


3guysandagirl said...

Good plan! We're going in June. While I am looking forward to it, I'm not looking forward to flying, let alone flying with a 21 month old. We've stayed in Port Orleans Riverside a few times. It's nice, but a long walk to your room from anywhere. We're staying at the Polynesian this time, so I can let you know how that works out.

Jeni said...

Sounds like another crazy weekend!