Sunday, April 18, 2010

Like Father, Like Daughter....

(NOTICE: At no time during the filming of this episode were any children in danger, no need to call CPS)

(This is what I found when I went outside)

Brad was home before 10am, which was nice, we had the whole day together, after the girls nap we joined our neighbors who had already set up shop in our yard. The children were sprawled all over the grass, the boys were passing out beers and Molly and I just supervised. Poor Insley was busy bush-wacking (as we like to call it) with her Mom....which really means she was landscaping her yard, but using powertools to do it.  The Dad's had some quality time with their sweet baby girls...

(Avery enjoying a nice Coors-eenie)
Earlier in the day we had lunch as a family at Chiptole and then hit Costco on the way home. Olivia loves Costco on the weekends, she loves "the nice men that give her special treats", which in adult language means the sample ladies/men.

(Sweet Baby Campbell, or Baby Camel as Olivia likes to call her)

(Brian and his daughter Campbell)

(Justin and Juliette...or Baby Ette as we all like to call her)

(Nice isn't it?)

(She looks miserable, thats because Brad just made her turn around and ruined her playing in traffic fun)

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