Wednesday, April 28, 2010


That is how I felt this morning, picture Brad and I, hands in the middle of the circle like sports teams do before they break the huddle, that was us this morning, our family was splitting up for the next few days, the first time we have done something like this and it just feels odd. Brad and Olivia left this morning for Roanoke where his parents were going to snatch her up, they will spend two nights in Bassett and then head back to Richmond Friday evening.  Brad has planned a special Daddy/Daughter Day Date on Saturday, and Olivia couldn't stop talking about her special trip with Daddy to see Bina and PawPaw. I was so worried about her feelings being hurt since Avery and I are hoping a plane for Northfield this evening, but she didn't even bat an eye. She actually pointed her finger at Avery this morning and informed her that "You are NOT coming with me" she clearly isn't phased by Avery and I going on our own adventure....

An adventure it will be. Our first flight leaves Richmond at 8:19, bound for Washington Dulles...keep in mind Avery's bed-time is 7pm. We arrive in Dulles around 9pm, and depart for Hartford at 10pm, arriving into Hartford at 11:29pm...a solid 4.5 hours PAST Avery's bed-time, its going to be a heavily flight. But we know why we are going and the purpose for our trip, so we aren't going to complain, we wouldn't dream of missing the events at home.

Jill's obituary was in the paper today, along with her sweet baby boy Chase...I must have read it 33 times, and I can admit that it feels more real today, but still, after reading it 33 times I would have expected it to feel even more real than it does, I still feel like someone has made a mistake, that this can't really be happening. Tragic isn't even the right word, it doesn't do the situation justice...please keep her family and friends in your prayers now and as they navigate the months ahead.

Side Note: Yesterday was Riley's 5th Birthday, we got him a cake and everything, he will get his own "I'm 5" post when I return, but I don't have time to upload the photo's right now.

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