Sunday, April 11, 2010

What a Weekend!

Well, going in, I knew it was going to be a busy one, and I had high hopes for a good one, but this one topped the charts, it was a great one...weekend that is.

Friday - I grabbed a few beers with some peeps from work and was home around 7:30 to grab Olivia from my Parents house - Avery spent the night at my Parents house.

Saturday - Olivia and I slept in, we got up around 8am, too bad the dog had gotten me up a few times prior to that, but at least I was able to catch a few extra Z'ss after his first wake up call. Jeni, Lily and Mark (Marc...Lily, how horrible is it that I don't know how to spell his name?) arrived around 11am, the kiddos played together for a few minutes before we set our for Don Pepe for a delicious lunch. Rochelle, Ronin and Danny joined us at Don Pepe and the kiddos had a blast sharing a "Mexican Pizza" while us gals chatted and caught up. We then all piled into our cars and set out for Maymont, what a beautiful day for a few hours at Maymont, the babes had a blast together and us adults had fun walking around, getting some sun, enjoying some ice cream and chatting.  Avery ate an ENTIRE ice cream cone, it was hilarious and super cute. I am hoping Danny got some cute pics of the girls chowing down on their cones, Olivia was a mess.

The girls fell asleep on the way home from the Park and we spent the afternoon enjoying the company of our neighbors in our front of our favorite pasttimes. The boys enjoyed a few beers while the girls just we always do. And then I quickly got ready for my girls night out with Jeni and Rochelle, which I just have to say, was an ABSOLUTE blast. We talked and talked and talked and I honestly think we could have talked for days. I am so thankful for their friendships...and just wish they lived closer.

Today Brad got up with Avery and I slept in until about 7:45am (notice the trend, a great weekend and I got to sleep in BOTH mornings - amen), YaYa came over and watched the girls for a few hours during their nap while Brad and I went shopping...for some suits. Jos A. Banks was having a Buy 1 Get 2 Free sale, so we spent what felt like 2 hours buying Brad 3 new suits. It was the first time we have run errands together without the girls in what felt like FOREVER. I forgot to mention that we also dined alone at Jimmy John' of my new favorite sub places. I am actually a little addicted to subs these days...strange, I used to hate deli meat, but don't get me wrong, most deli meat still grosses me out.

Then this afternoon we enjoyed the sunshine with our neighbors again before we all piled into our cars for dinner at Firebirds to celebrate Justin's Birthday. 6 Adults and 5 Children under the age of Firebirds. HA! Actually it was delicious and the kids were great...and Insley, Molly and I found our next Girls Night venue...the Firebar at Firebirds...can't wait. Sign me up. Anyone else wanna join in the fun?

I took some cute photographs of the girls playing together today, but haven't had a chance to upload them, and honestly after looking back at them, I don't think you guys will think they are all that and a bag of chips, but it was just the moments and the sounds associated with the photographs that make them just perfect for me. They were talking to each other, and laughing and forming that sisterly bond that will last a lifetime, and I got all teary eyed as I tried to snap a few precious.


The B's said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!! Ok, I have to say that I am soo impressed about the firebirds date out---- you guys are soo brave! We have just about thrown in the towel with the tiny tots going out to dinner... Luke tries to jump out of the highchair every time! Hope that you have an equally great week!

Jeni said...

We had such a fantastic time. Thank you so much for being such a great hostess for Richmond. What happened to their photo shoot on Sunday? Did it get postponed?