Thursday, April 8, 2010

Busy Busy Weekend

Here goes nothing...

Friday - Brad is out of town, I have meetings all afternoon and likely will need my parents to get the girls, which should work out best for everyone since they haven't had much YaYa time this week. And then Friday Night will be just me and the girls.

Saturday - Rochelle and Ronin, and Jeni and Lily are coming into town for a girls day/night, so we are meeting for lunch around 11:30 and then heading to Maymont for the afternoon. Brad should be home late afternoon just in time to keep the girls while Rochelle, Jeni and I hit the town for a little girls night out, long over due :) Can I just tell you, I am so stinkin excited to see these girls. I haven't seen Rochelle and Ronin since October, but lucky me has seen Jeni and Lily twice since February.

Sunday - The girls are going to be photographed by Nicole Vance Photography late afternoon at Byrd Park, I am looking forward to the finished product, and hoping that I pick the right outfits, I haven't spent much time thinking about what they are going to wear, but I will tackle that this evening...

I took a walk last night by myself, after our family walk, and it was heaven. I jammed out to my girl Britney and listened to a little Michael Jackson...two of my favorites when it comes to workout music. Brad and I are seriously considering starting P90X, we are on the hunt for the DVD's so we don't have to buy them...I figure we can fit in 45 minutes of workout together, we'll just replace the 45 minutes of TV we used to watch. And as soon as Avery starts sleeping past 5:30am, I will be able to do it in the mornings...good grief 5:30am comes early.

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