Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sad News...

I got to work on Wednesday to some bad news.  My co-worker, Jason's father had been rushed to the hospital after suffering a seizure at work (He also works at Capital One), and I got a call today, he passed away this afternoon around 1pm. The timing was strange, because I had just sent Jason a text message letting him know that I was thinking about him and his family, he wrote back right away, little did I know at the time his Dad had just passed away about 30 minutes before.

And my friend "D"'s father-in-law got some tragic news earlier this week.  A few weeks back he was given a "cancer free" diagnosis but on Monday started feeling a little dizzy, after several tests they found 3-4 tumors growing rapidly in his brain. From what "D" has told me, he is going downhill quickly, please send your thoughts and prayers to these two families.

Our super busy Saturday turned out to be very low-key. The weather coupled with Olivia waking up feeling like garbage sidelined our Carnival plans, we had hoped Olivia would rally for Bella's Birthday Party this afternoon but she just kept getting worse, and woke up with a 102 degree fever, so needless to say we didn't go.  I ran out and got a pedicure, grabbed an Iced Chai Latte at Starbucks, hit up Costco and grabbed a few "Parents to Be" cards at Hallmark and left Brad home with a screaming Avery. That child has not slept well all day and has been in a foul mood because of it. She walks around stomping her feet because she is so tired she doesn't even know what to do with herself.

Speaking of Parents to highschool pal, Shane and his wife Katherine are expecting their first child this fall, along with my cousin Drew and his wife, Jessica. I am so very excited for both couples, and I am thrilled that I will get to see Drew and Jessica in just a few short weeks to celebrate their good news. Too bad we won't be able to toast to the little babe...who am I kidding, I sure as heck can toast, its just Jessica that will have to sit that one out.  And while we are on the subject of babies...this is the second week in a row that I am on the "want a third" kick...I was so hoping the urge would go away, with Olivia acting like a demon and Avery screaming her darling little face off, I was sure the urge would subside, but no such luck. But don't you worry your pretty little heads, there will be no baby news in this household for quite sometime, if EVER.

My boss will be back in the office on Tuesday, if you recall he's been on vacation for the last two+ weeks, its been wonderful, leaving at a reasonable time, not having to run around like a crazy person putting out firedrills left and right....but all that ends on Tuesday. This whole work thing is really putting a damper on my free time - HA!.

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Thanks again for your thoughts and prayers.