Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Easter - Take 2

(Please excuse me looking like a homeless person, but take a gander at those darling little peaches, aren't those dresses PERFECT, also, please try and ignore the fact that Olivia looks like she hasn't slept in weeks, in actuality, she had just been woken up from a 3 hour nap)

The girls are going to be photographed on Sunday (as long as the rain holds off) at Byrd Park, and these dresses are going to be one of their outfit changes, I just adore the dresses and didn't get any good pictures of them wearing them on Easter, so I figure why not just stage the shots again...I am still debating what other outfits they should wear.

Olivia has been going through a "I don't feel like listening to anything my Mom or Dad says" phase. Its fabulous, in fact its so great I just don't want it to end.....NOT. Its horrible. I lose my patience with the blink of an eye, I am not proud of it, I just can't seem to help it. And this morning, trying to get both girls to school in the pouring rain, Olivia wanting to jump in every single puddle, count every single rain drop and all the while Avery has been up since 5am, already taken a 45 minute nap, its now 9am and I am very late to work...phew. But nothing beats me having to drag her across the floor at my Parents house the other day to get her into timeout. I had Avery in my arms, Olivia went "dead" on me, so of course she wasn't going to walk herself there, so I had to drag her, it was miserable, and where was Brad during all this you ask....IN THE BATHROOM. I swear, World War 4 could happen all while he is using the bathroom, its amazing.
(Our Sweet Olivia)
We said goodbye to my Parents on Monday Night, and while we are going to miss them terribly, we know we are going to see them again in just a few weeks.  They will be driving down her before we head to Reynolds Plantation, Georgia for our Hoskin Family Reunion, I can't wait. Olivia is going to have 3 cousins her age to play with. Jason and Priya turned 3 in February, Mallory will turn 3 in May and of course Olivia will be 3 in July. My two girls are the youngest of the 6 (Matthew is going to be 6 in June) Second Cousins. I can't wait to see everyone, we haven't all been together since my Cousin Drew's Wedding in April 2006. My Grams hasn't even met Avery yet, so that will be a treat, Avery getting to meet her GG Sandra.

This weekend is another busy one. Saturday we are going to take the girls to the Jacobs Road Elementary School Spring Carnival, that is the Elementary School right around the corner from our house and the one the girls will both attend, and then after naptime we are going to head out Mosley, Virginia to Bella's 3rd Birthday Party. Bella and Olivia are Little Gym friends and Bella has a little brother Connor, who is just a week or two younger than Avery, we adore their parents and can't wait to see them, its been too long. And then Sunday Sweet Baby Campbell is going to be Baptized in the morning, we are still debating how to handle bringing the girls to church, it might end up that Brad stays home with them, but we shall see, I kinda wanna bring them and dress them up in cute chuch clothes, but I don't want to cause a scene, and we are sure to do that with these two hoodlums. And then Sunday afternoon is our session with Nicole Vance at Byrd Park, fingers crossed the weather holds out.

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Jones Family said...

LOVE the dresses. If you have any good shots, send us a photo. We need some updated ones anyway!