Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to the Man our beauties call Daddy!! We ran out early this morning and grabbed him some Starbucks so he could enjoy it when he woke up, and then we enjoyed Brunch together as a family at The Hill Cafe - it was delicious, and I love Brunch more than words can say.

I had to explain to the girls this morning why it was so important to let Daddy sleep, that it was his special day and then it dawned on me that to them sleep isn't a treat, its more of a punishment, so they couldn't wrap their heads around why I was working so hard to keep the house quiet and give Brad a chance to sleep in...I am happy to report that he slept until about 8:45am. Mission Accomplished.

We are so proud of him, not only for being such a great husband and father, but yesterday he came in 2nd in his Mountain Bike Race in Bedford, so he had his moment on the podium.  He is bummed that no one snapped a photo, but at least his Parents got to witness it. We wish we could have been there to support him, but we are very proud of him. He is very dedicated to his training and its paying off, so that should make him feel good.

I am a bit of a dud these days, blogging just isn't something I've put much time or energy into and frankly this post is a bit dull for my liking, but I wanted to wish my handsome husband a Happy Father's Day, and I thought this photo was just too cute to pass up - the world needs to see the cuteness.  I hope that I get my blogging mojo back sooner rather than later!

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