Monday, June 11, 2012

Oh Boston....

how I love thee in the Spring, Summer and Early Fall...but oh how I can't stand you in the winter.  If only you could do something about those long winter months we might be able to rekindle our love affair, but until you renegotiate that with Mother Nature and El Nino, I think I will just continue to visit in the Spring and Summer, sometimes Fall is a bit risky.  With all of that said you would think that we had beautiful weather last weekend, and actually we had terrible weather, outside of a beautiful day on Friday, but in general its much better in the Spring and Summer.

Last Thursday I flew to Boston to visit and stay with two of my girlfriends, Kristen and Kori.  We try and see each other every single year, either they come down or I fly there, and it was my turn to visit them, so I planned a long weekend based on all of our busy schedules and while it wasn't ideal to leave the girls just a few days after getting home from Key West, but this is what worked best.

We had a extra long relaxing weekend full of shopping, eat, karaoke OnDemand (who knew!!) and just some down home QT with the gals.  Don't you miss getting ready in a house of girls? Brad just isn't interested in talking about outfits and dancing around while getting ready...not that we did a lot of getting ready since the majority of the time we spent in sweats, but its still a nice change.  I loved that about living with a group of girls in college, getting ready to go out was a blast!

I was also able to meet up with my cousin Greg, and his twins Jason & Priya, who are too stinkin cute, they are adorable and very well behaved...the beauties could take a few pages from their book on behavior in a restaurant.  Greg is the NFL writer for the Boston Globe, pretty cool job eh? 

Brad and the girls had a blast, they got the huge water slide out for the first time all season and had a yard full of people.  Brad sent me a few photos and the back yard hoppin! It was great to pick the girls up on Monday Night - I flew in Monday morning (flights are SO much cheaper when you travel on a Thur/Mon, instead of a Fri/Sun, if you can, take advantage). Speaking of flights, I love JetBlue, and this trip I was introduced to The Real Housewives of New York City and Orange County - I had never watched them, but that is what was on Bravo while I was on the plane, gotta love DirecTV on the plane. And on the way home I watched 3 episodes of Will & Grace - how funny was that show? I was laughing out loud - people probably thought I was crazy!

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