Monday, June 11, 2012

Lazy Weekends...Bittersweet

Saturday we spent the day in the backyard, the neighbors all joined in the fun and we enjoyed the sunshine - lots of fun in the sun was had by all and I made some serious progress on my tan! The girls must have changed in and out of their bathing suits 14 times, they couldn't decide whether they wanted to play in the water or run around in their tutu dresses. Silly girls.  I don't think I wore real clothes all day, I think I went from PJ's to Bathing Suit to PJ's again...that is my kinda day.

Sunday was a lazy day for me, but Brad earned some Husband of the Year points, he took the girls to a Bike Race (Riley too) first thing in the morning and I had a few hours of peace and quiet at home, too bad I wasn't feeling so hot and barely made it out of bed.

I love lazy weekends at home, I don't think I even turned my car on, but then the week starts and I end up stressed out that I didn't hit the grocery store or run a single errand, oh well, I need a lazy weekend every now and then, and I think we all deserve one - a weekend to just decompress and relax with good friends!! I have had several non-domestic weekends with Key West, Boston and then this lazy weekend at home.  I am destined to have a productive of these days!

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