Tuesday, December 11, 2012

What I am Pinning...

Food, Food and lots of Food...this time of year I just drool while strolling through the pages of Pinterest. I can't imagine having the time to bake or cook like I would love to, but I am trying to pick out a few new recipes to try out.  Depending on what our Christmas Meal turns out to be, these potatoes might make the menu.

I am also crushing on Holiday Crafts and Decorations...some people are crafty, aren't they? Great day these gals have talent.

I am dreaming of the good ol' Spring Spray Painting Days and all the things I would like to whip up and add to our home decor

And of course Printables, I am just a sucker for Printables, they can spruce up a boring frame in two shakes of a lambs tail and you can trade them in and out by Holiday, so its a simple little addition.

I am still thinking about giving the Yarn Wreath a shot myself, and not dishing out money to a lovely Etsy seller. I might just give it a shot AFTER the holidays, maybe while on winter break?

And more food...

And hold onto your socks...yummy goodness at its finest.

Buckeye Bark...could these replace PB Balls? No Way Jose!

Happy Pinning!

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