Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tori & Jennie: Christmas Stars

My two gals from the original Beverly Hills 90210 are staring in Christmas Movies this year and I had the pleasure of catching both of them in the last 15 hours.

Last night the girls and I watched Mistle-Tones, staring Tori Spelling - and according to Avery "That girl is NOT NICE" - she played a rather rude and mean character and Avery was not a fan, which I found to be a good thing, I would hate for her to align with the meanies. The movie was a bit "old" for the girls, but we were all feeling under the weather and it kept us entertained for 2 hours. It was a Christmas Musical on ABC Family.

And then this morning, since Olivia is home sick and I am working from home, we watched A Christmas Wedding Tail, staring Jennie Garth.  We have it on DVD, but its going to be on The Hallmark Channel on Tuesday December 18th.  It was so-so, not great. But I do love Jennie Garth.

Olivia is sniffing her little face off, didn't sleep well last night with a super high fever, and is coughing a bit.  I am hoping she rests a bit this afternoon and is feeling better!  We really don't want her to miss anymore school!

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Jenni said...

Hoping you and the beauties are feeling better soon.

I love your movie choices! :)