Sunday, December 9, 2012

Short Skirts & Plain Clothes Santa

Avery showing a little too much leg...

We made a quick trip to Stony Point to exchange a few things, had a very early dinner at Panera, and wanted to get a photo of the girls in front of the huge Christmas Tree, but Mother Nature had other plans, it started pouring the second we came out of Panera so the photo didn't happen.

Since we were going to be seeing Santa for the first time this year at the Amberleigh Neighborhood Christmas Party (and maybe only time this season), I thought I should dress the girls up, but that was a bit of a challenge considering I hadn't procured any special Christmas outfits.  I didn't let that stop me, I brought out their 2010 dresses, threw some leggings under Olivia's and attempted to do the same with Avery, but she wasn't having any part of it, she wanted to wear tights and be done with it.  So I covered her with Olivia's super-cute red trench coat and hoped that we wouldn't be mooning the entire world on our trek around Stony Point.

I have some photos of the girls visit with Santa this evening, but those are on the non-iPhone camera, and that download isn't happening tonight!

Also, if you recall my post about Plain Clothes Santa from about a month ago.  We were assigned two boys and I finished shopping for them this weekend. Their wish lists weren't super detailed, but I managed to get them two shirts each (more like pullover sweaters/jackets), a large package of puma socks each, a CD for one of them with a Target gift card, and a GameStop gift card for the other one considering he wanted PS2 or Wii games, nearly impossible for a gal like me to shop for video games for a complete strange, I don't even know what is cool, and I clearly don't know what he already has.

I hope these boys have a brighter Christmas because of Plain Clothes Santa and everything they do to help those in need. It feels good to give back, and we hope that the girls pick up some of the giving spirit.  We are noticing a lot of interest in receiving, but want to ensure they understand how important giving is.