Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Santa sans Tears

Leading the charge...the oldest beauty!

Mark it down, it happened in 2012, our first official Santa visit without tears, which officially logs it as a success in my book. 

As close as she was willing to get, but she didn't throw a fit!!

As I mentioned a few days ago we took the girls to my Parents Neighborhood Party, the girls go to sit on Santa's lap, talk to him and he also read them a story, which was a pretty classy addition to the evening. 

Avery's Craftiness on Display

The girls also loved the craft-time and goodie bag filled with cookies (Mommy liked the goodie bags too!).

Olivia showing off the finished product

Olivia had it all planned out, she knew EXACTLY what she wanted to ask Santa for, and her strategy was genius.  She planned to ask Santa for the two things Mommy and Daddy said she shouldn't be putting on her list when she is 5 years old...high-heels and a make-up set.  So now what do we do?  Have Santa let her down?  Give her the speech that Santa supports Mommy & Daddies wishes and he won't give you things that he knows Mommy and Daddy don't approve of? I think I am going to attempt that route, because you bet your bottom dollar I won't be procuring high-heels for this little lass for quite some time! And make-up...lip gloss maybe!

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Ash said...

LOVE this!! Don't judge me if Lu already has heels (albeit the little princess ones) and make-up (just an assortment of lip gloss and that's plenty)!!