Thursday, December 6, 2012

Lucy's Life...

Lucy has been trolling around, checking out the different modes of transportation that we have available in the Turner Household.

Day 5

Day 6

Lucy gets a lift from our local reindeer on Day 6...the girls are having fun with Lucy, and love running downstairs in the morning to see where she will watch them from.  They are starting to ask more questions about her magic, how she gets back in the house every night and what would happen if they touched her, how would she get back to Santa to get the care she needs to get her magic back...I am hoping these questions are just little minds working, not little minds working to see how they can test out the magic, etc.

Day 5 brought the girls color-me Placemats from the Target Dollar Section, and they loved them.  They opened them around 7pm last night, gave up TV time and colored until it was time to read Llama Llama Holiday Drama (one of my favorites).  We even talked about Llama Llama Holiday Drama after we were done reading it, the message is a simple but good one.

Avery has her school Christmas Program tonight, we can't wait to see her belt out the tunes.  She practices in her bed every single night! 

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Theresa said...

Nice job! I like how you are creative without being over the top. I can't imagine purposely creating messes (flour, etc.) that I would have to clean up. I think it's time Martin got a little more adventurous. Maybe he and Lucy can chat back at the Pole tonight :)