Sunday, December 9, 2012

Hung by the...

Stairs with care...that is how the story goes, right? We usually hang the stockings on a stocking tree, but this year I mixed it up a bit and hung them on the stairs.  Christmas Time is just about the only time of year that I really, really wish we had selected to have a fire place put in our house.  I hate not being able to hang the stockings by the fire, and its confusing to try and explain to the girls how Santa comes in and out.

And while we are on the topic of stockings, it irks me that Avery's is red and doesn't match - the ONLY year that PBK went red on the jumbo stockings is the year I needed one for Avery.  I am seriously considering ordering her a new one, and if I do, I might seriously consider ordering a normal size, these jumbo stockings are LARGE, and of course if I make that change for Avery, I will too have to make it for Olivia, maybe I will hit the after Christmas sales at PBK.

Side Note: how lovely is that air return, good grief!

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