Sunday, December 9, 2012

Greene & Red

Avery at her Christmas Program

Brad and I had planned a quick two night trip away several months ago, but it snuck up on us after just having a quick night away about a month ago.  It was great to get away, to a quiet town in no-where Virginia, just a quick 25-30 minute drive to Charlottesville, which was convenient considering we had some Christmas Shopping to finish up.  We bought a Living Social Deal for the Greene Mountain Inn and spent two quiet nights there.

Downtown Gordonsville, Virginia - beautiful, tons of Christmas Spirit

We had originally planned to spend our time at the many wineries in the area - but the stomach bug was still hanging around and I wasn't feeling up to it, so after leaving Richmond late on Thursday Night (Avery's Christmas Program at The Children's House kept us around until about 8pm), we arrived at Greene Mountain Inn, in Stanardsville, Virginia around 10pm, made our way up to our room and I was out like a light in a cool 10 minutes.

We were lazy on Friday morning, ate a less than stellar breakfast, frozen our buns off (void of heat at the Inn), and finally headed towards Charlottesville around 11:30am. We had a quick, casual lunch and then hit Toys R Us.  It was fun to shop for the girls together.  We rarely have an opportunity to just take our time and walk through the stores, looking around and talking about what the girls would like. While it wasn't the wineries, it was nice and relaxing.

After walking around Barracks Road while Brad was on a conference call, we made our way to a new movie theater and saw Red Dawn. (After stopping at Trader Joes for some Candy Cane Joe-Joe's & Toffee) Brad was dying to see it, and while I wanted to see Playing for Keeps, I decided it was my time to win Wife of the Month and I took one for the team.  I didn't love it, but I didn't hate it.  I even got goosebumps a few times! We then went to dinner at The Lafayette Inn in Stanardsville, it was nice and peaceful, we had the place to our self and our table was right in front of the fireplace. Brad enjoyed a few glasses of wine while I sipped on an extra bubbly ginger ale.

We had a blast just being lazy and relaxing, just being us.  I love that we still get away like this after being together for 10 years.  I hope we continue to do it, it is good for us! We were home by lunch on Saturday, the Inn was having a water problem and we couldn't shower, so we just packed up and headed home!

I should note that Avery's Christmas Program was adorable.  She had told us she was going to be The Christmas Cow, but turns out that was a big-fat lie, and she was a choir girl.  I asked her why she told us she was going to be The Cow, and her response: "I really WANTED to be the cow...they just wouldn't let me".  We laughed!  I love watching 40, three and four year olds belting out Christmas Carol after Christmas Carol, they are little rock stars, its adorable.

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