Tuesday, December 18, 2012

First Tooth...is a Goner.

This beauty lost her first tooth yesterday, by way of her father yanking it out of her sassy little mouth. She was so excited and a little embarrassed by how excited we were for her.  Losing your first tooth is a milestone in a little girls life, we did the milestone appropriate singing and dancing and that might have been a little too much for her at 7:30am.

The Tooth Fairy came through with a whopping $2.00 and she was thrilled.  I put her tooth in a little jewelry box, and the Tooth Fairy snagged the tooth (I wasn't sure if the Tooth Fairy left the tooth behind or not) and left behind $2.00.  She came running into our room this morning to tell me all about it - that excitement is contagious!

Tonight we are going to celebrate as a family with dinner together and then we will all read Olivia's new book The Berenstain Bears & The Tooth Fairy. Avery did try and yank her own tooth out this morning because she too wanted someone to bring her money, but I told her that her time would come and to keep those chompers where they belong for a few more years.

Avery is home again today, the double ear infection fever was still bothering her yesterday so hopefully she is back at school tomorrow for their Christmas Party.  And despite some protests Olivia was back at school yesterday after a few doses of her meds, that sinus infection really knocked her out.

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