Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Spirit

The holiday spirit is in full swing in the Turner Household, and the holiday spirit train has a ton of momentum, no stopping us now...

I took a risk and Lucy played down at "I can reach out and touch her" level and she had a little circle time with her friends. The girls thought it was hilarious, and they kept wanting to add more friends to the party, which gave me heart palpitations, I was terrified Lucy would tip over.

Day 2 of our 24 Days of Christmas Countdown landed the beauties two Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments. Of course they wanted to put them in their room and play with them, they didn't understand that they were special and meant to be on the tree and used for years and years.  I explained that when they get older they will be putting them on their trees when they have little beauties and gents running around.  Olivia's response was: "I am not going to have any kids", and Avery said "I will, I am going to have 1, a girl and she will be my sister" I tend to think shes a bit confused.

Here is the tree on the second floor landing area, this is the view from our bed. I love having this tree upstairs, it makes me so happy and I cringe every night when Brad unplugs it, I would leave it on all night if I could. I would leave it up all year long, I just love it.

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