Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Biscuit, Ollie & Lucy

Day 3 brought the girls "Biscuits Christmas Eve" book - they opened it just before bed, so we didn't get a chance to read it as a family (Mondays are crazy with Olivia's Gymnastics class), but we plan to read it tonight, but they both had a chance to flip through it in their beds. It was a hit since it has flaps to open!

My Mom is in on the Elf Spirit, she moves Ollie every single day, EVEN if the girls won't be at her house, but last night Avery wanted to see Ollie, so my Dad took a photo of Ollie and sent it out way.  My Mom has always gotten into the Christmas Spirit, but now that she has young ones around again she is even more into it. Cute, right?

Lucy is brave, testing the waters about being within reach and goodness, today she is even taunting Riley with being on the floor. We are getting more creative, but I just don't know if I will get to the spot where we are making rice snow angels (Haha, Molly!), I just can't imagine cleaning it all up!

Oh and I was blessed with a small bout of the Stomach Bug - those beauties are the best germ smugglers, but this guy kept me company all day, and boy oh boy, does he make a great "sick day" partner.  I worked almost the entire day from my bed, but did end up taking a quick nap this afternoon to prepare for my evening with the beauties. And how funny does Lambie look all curled up with him? And that just happened, I didn't place Lambie there.

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