Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Southern-er: Window Wreaths

When I first moved to Richmond (The South), I couldn't understand why everyone put wreaths on their windows, I thought it was overkill and I think I probably spent a few years bashing the crazy ladies that made their husbands put those things up (Because aren't husbands in charge of outside decorations in every ones house? No? Not really here either, but I try and put him in charge)

But over the last few years I have grown to admire those homes that sport wreaths on every single window and in fact I started to have window wreath envy, and finally at the end of last year made the decision that I too would join the window-wreath-crazy-lady-world this year and ta-da.  I made it happen, and truth be told, I did it by myself, Brad didn't have to get involved at all.  I wanted to have the wreaths hung with beautiful red ribbon from the tops of the windows, but it just wasn't going to work with our set up, so I made the best of it.

I promise to do a tutorial on how I made it happen, (too dark now to take photos) but it was easy-peasy! Command hooks and floral wire are silver bullets for Holiday Decorating!!!

Today was Day 4 (Days of Christmas) and the beauties enjoyed two "Dumb Dumb" lollipops, and while Avery was hankering for a present, Olivia seemed okay with it.

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