Saturday, December 1, 2012

24 Days of Christmas...Begins

I started this tradition when Olivia was born, but it just started taking off last year, they just started to get the hang of it, and I can already tell this year is going to be the best yet.  So the gist is that I use our Countdown Calendar to count down the days of December, leading up to Christmas, some days its a simple candy cane or piece of candy, some days its a special experience, like Christmas Lights Tour with Cookies and other days its a small present.  Some days the girls each get a present, and other days they share a single present (which is always interesting).  The presents are numbered for the day in which they will get to open them.  Based on what I find and put together sometimes there are several candy & IOU/Event days and some years there are only a few.  Right now the girls are so young, their presents are so inexpensive that I am able to do some days for $1.00, while others are closer to $10 a day.  So for now, while they are small and the Target Dollar Section can still deliver the goods, they will likely have more presents than candy, but I foresee many days of candy as they get older.  I just love the tradition of it.

Countdown Calendar (I know its missing a 7)

Gift Ideas:
Books - I tend to find a few new Christmas Books every single year that I want the girls to have on their bookshelves, so I snag those up and keep them toward the beginning of the month so we can enjoy them all month long. Check out B&N right after Christmas, their book selection is always super discounted!!

DVD's - great movies for us to watch as a family, either Christmas movies or just good family movies.  This year my Mom contributed a few Christmas Movies that are going to be bumped up in the numbers so we can watch one next Friday for Family Movie Night.

Ornaments - I stocked up at Hallmark last year after Christmas and snagged several for $3.00 each and of course you can get great deals at Michael's for super cheap too - this one will always be a great idea, even as they get older, so they can start to build their own ornament collection (they will leave the nest one day - sniff sniff)

Candy Cane marks the day we are on...sometimes we use an elf ornament.

Experience - this is a new one, I just started adding this one in last year.  A few ideas for this one, you write down the experience on a cute printable (found on Pinterest) and stick it in the day.  We always do Christmas Light Tour on December 23rd, with cookies, hot chocolate and Christmas Music in the car.  I may take the girls to have their nails painted this year.  I can imagine as they get older, a special mother-daughter lunch would be a good idea, the options are endless for this one.

$1.00 Target Dollar Section

Craft -  Today was December 1st, so the first day and they each opened a craft countdown calendar, one was a snowman and the other Santa, found in the Target Dollar Section (thanks for the idea Molly), and every night they will add a snowball to their craft to countdown the days until Christmas. Sometimes we just do a craft I have already purchased (Oriental Trading, remember?)

I get simply giddy over Christmas Traditions.  I have even started documenting them in a book, God forbid I kick it before the girls are grown, I don't want them to miss out on a single thing, so its a playbook for Brad. Morbid I know, but its important!

I can't wait to share more Christmas Traditions with y'all as the month goes on. 

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