Friday, October 26, 2012

Yard Sale 2012: Bye Bye Baby

We had a "neighborhood" yard sale last weekend, which in summary consisted of 3 houses in total...ours, Insley's and Molly's.  So not so much of a neighborhood yard sale, BUT either way, it was nice to purge some of the baby stuff. It was sad to say goodbye to all the baby stuff.  I sorted through all the clothes and organized them by size, and it was a walk down memory lane for sure.

We didn't sell a ton of stuff, but it was nice to see some stuff go to new homes, and since then I've even placed a few things on Craigs List, and a few of my friends will end up taking some of the bigger things off my hands.

Olivia wore this in the hospital when she was born

Two of Brad's fraternity brothers just had baby girls so I am hoping we can share some of our girl clothes with them, it will be nice to have them land in a good home, and the bigger sizes will make their way home to Northfield in the Spring for sweet Mags!!

Yard Sale Guard Dog

I dread having Yard Sales, but they are such a necessary evil - getting everything together, putting it out and cleaning it up, woof, its exhausting.  We got up around 5:15am, and started setting up in the dark, it took me a good 2 hours to get everything set up, I was still setting up when the first customer arrived, and I don't think I finished cleaning up until 4:30pm - needless to say, for those hours worked, we didn't make enough, but the value to me, was in cleaning it out and at the end of the day, a Yukon XL full of stuff made its way to The Goodwill.

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