Friday, October 26, 2012

Five on Friday: Five Supplies for Storms

I have the pending Hurricane on my mind and thought it would be timely to share the 5 things that we try and have on hand when we need to hunker down for a storm.  Nothing too fancy, these supplies are not sponsored by anyone in the emergency management world, these are just the things we want on hand.

1) Fully Charged Electronics - whether its my Nook Color, or the DVD Player, having fully charged electronics is critical when you have small children in the house who can easily get bored without power. This also includes fully charged cell phones.

2) Bottled Water - this one is a rather standard supply to have on hand, but oddly enough we didn't have any, so I ran out this morning and picked up a case of good ol' Deer Park.

3) Bread - this one is likely recommended by the smart people who make a living at this whole emergency management business - the challenge becomes that Olivia doesn't eat Peanut Butter, so it looks like she will be living on jelly sandwiches should we lose power for a significant period of time. And Arnold Bread is BOGO free at Martin's this week - Cha-Ching!

4) Donuts - this one is a staple when you are in the business of keeping little beauties happy. Donuts make everyone happy, right? And the beauties are no exception to that rule, they love them some donuts.

5) Batteries - for the flashlights of course!! We will need flashlights to get around this place if we were to lose power, so we are prepared for the stairs and the evenings, and of course since it gets dark earlier now, we will have a few hours without light that will require flashlights.

We are hoping that this Hurricane blows off (pun intended) without much fuss.  The reports are tough to track, no one seems to know which direction this storm is going to take, and how strong it will be.  The girls and I will be living it up tomorrow with gymnastics, a trip to the library and then a 2nd Birthday Party for their friend Maggie, looks like it will be wet, but not too bad.

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Heather said...

Be safe with the storm!! I have a friend in Jersey who is evacuating her town to stay safe! And enjoy those donuts! Yum!