Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Still a Fan...

While the girls and I were a tad disappointed (okay a lot depressed) about the outcome of the Super Bowl  we are still Pats Fans and will be forever, and ever. We moseyed over to the Harris Compound for the game, I brought the Christmas Crack (needs a new name, any ideas?) and some Buffalo Chicken Dip and we all enjoyed some of Molly's good eats and great company while the adults watched the game (Brian and I were the lone Pats fans, except of course my loyal husband who roots for NE teams when his favorites are in the running).

The kids always have a blast when we all get together, but holy smokes it is game changing when we are inside, and are surrounded by walls that just bounce sound around, those five buggers are LOUD. And Olivia liked to stop right in front of the TV and check out what was going on. I imagine we yelled "down in front" or " you make a better door than a window" at her a handful of times, the poor thing didn't have a clue what we were talking about, but always responded "GO PATS" on command.

On Soap Box: I couldn't believe the number of "Giants Fans" that suddenly appeared out of no where. I would rather folks declare themselves as "rooting for the Giants because we can't stand the Pats" rather than play it off as though they have been Giants Fans for all of their years, give me a break. I know GMEN fans and I have a lot of friends that are legit Giants Fans, but the number of "Not-Pats" fans was insane. Off Soap Box:

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