Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Heart Breaks...

Cameron is the second from the left

For two families in our community who suffered great losses this week.  The first is a sweet little girl, Cameron in Olivia's Class. Cameron just turned 5 in early February and her Father passed away early this week, and her Mother isn't in her life. When Brad called to tell me this morning after he dropped the girls off I got the worst case of chills all over my body, if I wasn't driving I probably would have had to stop what I was doing and sit down.  Granted, her Father is older, but I didn't know that he had been sick, and it turns out that the treatment was going well, this came somewhat out of the blue. My heart aches for Cameron and her sisters. I so badly hope that she is able to stay plugged into our Pre-School. I would happily contribute to keep Cameron there, pay for 1 week a month or something like that, keeping her in her normal routine has got to help to some degree...I just hate not knowing what is going to happen to her, and of course it makes me sad for Olivia.  I can imagine tonight Olivia will have some questions because they plan to tell the classes today.  What a tough subject. Right now she knows that when people die they go to Heaven, but the comprehension at 4 years old of what that means is likely zip, zero, zilch. Heck, I struggle to comprehend it and I am almost 33 years old.

And the second, my dear friend Amy lost her friend Kelly this morning to a hard fought battle with Cancer (Cancer Sucks, btw), and Kelly has two daughters and she was their sole care giver.  Thankfully Kelly's family is very supportive and can help with the girls, but I can't imagine being in 5th or 8th grade and growing up without my Mom. So tragic and so unfair.

If you could, please keep these two families in your prayers as I can imagine the road ahead isn't certain and is likely going to be sad and scary for these young girls.

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