Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A High-Five Gone Wrong

The mornings are always rushed around here, no matter what time I get in the shower or Olivia wakes up, we are always going 100 mph in the mornings, just seems to be the nature of the beast, I need to work on slowing it down a bit because when school hits in September I want the mornings to feel routine and calm, not frenzied and crazy.

Disney - December 2012

Brad was out of town one day last week, so it was just the girls and I getting ready. Imagine me running around, sans work attire, fresh out of the shower, hair in a towel, partially dressed standing in the bathroom, the girls are on our bed watching TV.

Avery: (coming into the bathroom) Mommy, LaLa hit me.

Me: (looking out into the bedroom for Olivia) Olivia, did you hit her?

Olivia: (giving it some thought), well....I tried to give her a high-five...but I missed

Me: (instant smile, but can't laugh out loud just yet, need to see how Avery reacts)

Avery: high-five on hands, not on backs, LaLa (and she stressed the Lala part like she was channeling Peewee Herman)

Me: (huge amounts of laughter are now spilling out of my torso, and I can't help myself)

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